Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Advertisement information

Banner ads at Plus One Lap are now available!

statistics for the last few months

The banners will be located on the left side bar. And we will be rotated occasionally.

There are now three banner sizes available:

The size 1 banner size is 195 x 105 pixels.

The size 2 banner is 195 x 165 pixels.

The size 3 banner is 195 x 255 pixels.

No animated images. I can create this banner for you using existing company material or you may supply me with this information, whichever you prefer.

You can change the banners periodically, but if you want to do this, then please supply me with the replacement banners in the proper size.

You can pay via PayPal to plusonelap@gmail.com - or a company check is fine too, email me for more details at plusonelap@gmail.com.

Rates are as follows for the size 1 banner:
1 mo contract $25
3 mo contract $72 ($24 a month)
6 mo contract $ 120 ($20 a month)
1 yr contract $216 ($18 month)

size 2 banner:
1 mo $35
3 mo $90
6 mo $170
1 yr $280

size 3 banner:
1 mo $50
3 mo $120
6 mo $210
1 yr $380

This site is continuing to grow, see the image of the site statistics at the top of this page.

note: these are for www.plusonelap.com only,the custom or lightweight gallery visitor stats are not figured into these numbers.
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